Bzz (seraphempyre) wrote in post_modernism,

Masculist rant against feminazism

Ah, I feel in the mood for a rant.

Feminazis. You know, the types that are all for feminism, meaning, in their view on things: The support and advancement of women, but, in the mean time, the degradation of men.

The type that denies that women are limited to stereotypical roles, but that generalize all men in the same category. The one that says women, or more specifically they themselves, are great, because they are a woman, but assert that all men are weak, inattentive, crude, sexist, unreliable, etc., ie inferior bastards.

Yes, sometimes they are joking. But it´s often not that ironically meant, ironically.

If only it got through their thick skulls.

Women and their logic. Oh, right... they don´t have logic... ;)

Also, what is feminism when the women take on all the supposed negative traits of men and actually start imitating/emulating men. Isn´t feminism about being proud of being a woman and not considering one sex as inferior to the other? Be proud of differences, even if you deviate from being different. Be proud of yourselves. Or do I really have a skewed sense of feminism and is it actually that bad a movement?

If you support women, but at the same time degrade men, you have no sense what was the original motivation and essence of feminism or the equality movement.

Seraphempyre, post-feminist masculist. ;)

PS: And remember, I always like this argument, we men let you women gain power: We had the (physical) strength, the weapons, the (political) positions, etc. But we let you women gain advantage. So, be fucking grateful instead of being ingrates. ;)

(X-posted in a few communities and my own journal.)
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Your pseudo-intellectualization does nothing to disguise the fact that this is merely a rant which, in actual fact, has nothing to do with postmodernism, unless, perhaps, the fact that your so-called wink wink nudge nudge little anti-feminist jokes are the perfect empirical data for your own definition of feminazi irony a few lines above.

Isn't that ironic?
Did someone notice any irony, at all?
Seraphempyre FTL
Not quite.
yes quite.

if you're going to deny something, grow a pair* and deny it fully.

*sorry for being a feminazi


December 1 2007, 15:11:16 UTC 9 years ago

No need, at all. I was quite clear enough.
I´m sorry that feminazis such as yourself have such a need to have their statements be denied fully to finally understand something.
anonymous? DOUBLE FAIL!!!1~!
Yes, as if it´s so hard to see who posted this. Lame.
hey, don't lash out at me just because you can't properly operate your Lj.
I can, but newsflash: Sometimes people make mistakes or are sloppy by accident. I bet you´re all perfect.
As if I had to log in to make my point clear. Which you kept on being silent about, by the way. Telling.
oh, I'm not here for the point making, just the flaming/trolling. "as if I had to make my point clear."
Wow. *yawn*. Bored now. Bye.
but...but....what will we do without your brilliant ranting on topics only a freshman girl at an american liberal arts college would care about?
mannn this wasn't even clever or funny or anything. if you're gonna be uninspired enough to throw around feminazi you gotta back it up with some original material.

oh, if only momma seraphempyre had read the SCUM manifesto.
Hahaha, the SCUM manifesto indeed is hilarious. Although, I bet she, the author, was sexually abused a couple of times. How sad. :(
That reminds me, this essay ( is far more hilarious though. And if you, as an obvious dyke, have an inkling of the sense of humour I have, you´ll think it´s funny too, ´poppa´. ;)
I, for one, welcome our feminist overlords. If women really are academically superior given the stable environment of liberal democracy, I'll take it.