mandarinethons (mandarinethorns) wrote in post_modernism,

Postcards from the Edge of the Global Culture of Capitalism

I am in the process of rounding out an art project in need of
international support:
the latest layer to evolve out of a dip into political art has
manifested on the project is called
"Post-Modern Political Prayer Cards: Postcards from the Edge of the
Global Culture of Capitalism"

i am auctioning off a body of work that i organized for a brief on
politics, but much of the work is conceptual commentary on the art
market itself as much as capitalism. id really like it if you have
time to check it out to send me feedback and ideas!

The project of course does not end with me so all feedback is
essential! im happy to answer questions as well where my motives or
choices seem unclear.

a warning: i am working with loaded imagery and some of the outcomes
include possibly offencive material.
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